Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is the other flea market in Yuma. It is very large and all items are new. You can get everything from nuts to bolts.

You can get designer "knock-off" purses.

These ladies had a clothing shop with some lovely clothes that they had got from a boutique in Vegas that was closing out. The dress to the right is made of fine metal chain and cost $1500 but was gorgeous. The rest of the items were very reasonable.

Many metallic wall ornaments.

Lots of garden ornaments as well.

This poodle with his sunglasses seemed to enjoy shopping.

Later, our neighbour, Tom, arrived on a motorcycle he purchased to keep in Yuma for the 6 months/year he will be staying here. Barry (of course) had seen the bike and it was too good a deal to pass on. It is a beautiful bike and Shelley is also pleased with it, although Tom has been informed polishing chrome will be his job.
The next day we visited Ted and Giggs at Del Pueblo RV Resort. Spent the afternoon at a "jam" session which had some talented musicians then had a BBQ at Ted's place.

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