Monday, November 23, 2009


Mike and I were golfing with Ted's group at Desert Hills Golf Course this morning and, as we were leaving at 7:15 am, Lana was getting in their truck with camera in hand to see the morning ascension of the baloons nearby.

She was thrilled to see the balloons take off and these are two of her photos.

Lana said 25 balloons took off one after another - beautiful!

As we were beginning to tee off, the balloons appeared in the sky (you can click on photo to enlarge) and it was a great sight for us to enjoy.

Ted, Mike and Ken with balloons in background. Golf, palm trees and hot air balloons decorating the sky - can life get any better?

Me teeing off and trying to keep my eye on the ball and not the balloons.

Yuma watertower on the golf course. You can see it from miles away as the land is totally flat here and this landmark is almost as good as a compass to let you know where you are.

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