Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is the weekend of the Yuma Balloon Festival and we attended the "Balloon Glow" that was happening at 5 pm in a stadium only a mile from our resort.

When we arrived all the balloons were laid out in the baseball field and they were just beginning to be inflated.

Using a large fan, air was blown into the balloons and I was surprised that they only took about 20 to 30 minutes to fill with air.

A person held a rope attached to the top of the balloon to keep it laying down while it was being filled with air.

Here is a video of the balloon being inflated.

Next they turned on the flame and uprighted the basket as you can see in this video. The baskets were tethered to the ground so they would not take off.

People were welcome to come right up to the balloons and watch this event.

Now there were 20 hot air balloons on the baseball field.

As the sky darkened, the announcer would have everyone do a count to 3, at which time the balloon pilots would start the flame which would light up the baloons and "glow". This continued as the night got darker and it was beautiful.

The amount of heat from the balloon flames on the field was intense. Here is a video close up of the flame being hit.

This was an amazing, beautiful evening and we loved it.
It was followed by fireworks that we got to enjoy from our RV site. We love Yuma!

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