Monday, November 2, 2009


Mike and I had a 7:45 am tee off at the Desert Hills Golf Course which is only a mile from our RV park. The temperature here was going to hit 90F so we took a golf cart and the cost was only $38 per person for 18 holes. We really liked the course and have booked to walk 9 holes on Wednesday at same time as the temperature in the morning is perfect for golfing until 11:00 then it is too hot for me.

This bird with its long curved beak and his friends also like the golf course. I really enjoy all of the different birds here in Yuma.

Thought the Yuma watertower in the background would be a good snapshot with Mike getting ready to tee off on one of the holes.

The course is beautiful with palm trees and the mountains in the distance. It is pretty wide open but the oleander bushes devour balls and are so dense it is impossible to find them.

This Roadrunner crossed one of the fairways and I was able to get a decent photo of him.

He ran off the edge of the course but I was pleased to see another one of these cute birds.

Mike had a great game (5 pars on the back 9) and I played pretty well. We are looking forward to coming back Wednesday morning and walking the course - at a cost of 9 holes for $15 each, it is very reasonable.

In the afternoon, Lana and hit the pool in the heat of the day and, although the pool is tepid, it was very refreshing and we will definitely spend some afternoons loafing in it. The weather will continue to be 90ish until Saturday when it will go back to the low 80's.

Last night Lana, Barry, Mike and I tried shuffleboard and it was a lot of fun, although the boys beat us. Lana and I will have to get some practise in and see if we can kick their butts.

Another great sunset tonight and I will start sitting at the pool area to enjoy it as we do not get these great views at home.

Tonight was really pretty because of the cloud cover. As Yuma gets less than 3" of rain per year, we are not worried that these are rain clouds.

It's hard to believe that we are leaving this paradise in December to head north, but we miss the kids and are looking forward to seeing everyone. We are definitely thinking that coming back here for Jan-April is in our future.

Beautiful full moon tonight and Lana and I walked for an hour and another lady, who has been coming here for 24 years, joined us and was very chatty about all the things she had gotten involved in here. You can definitely do as much or a little as you please.


  1. Sure beats slogging to work in the rain doesn't it...Rose

  2. yeah, it is pretty nice down here and I think we definitely feel like retirees now.