Saturday, October 31, 2009


Missing being with the kids on Hallowe'en as we usually carve pumpkins but was able to reach Kathleen, Aaron and Veronica by skype and saw them doing the pumpkins. Also got to speak to Steve and he and Cheryl had taken the kids trick or treating. Glad everyone is fine.

Hallowe'en in 85F weather is pretty nice. The RV resort had a luncheon at noon where we enjoyed a pasta lunch. We then attended a party at 7 pm (you know us old folk, we like to go to bed early!). It was a lot of fun and everyone dressed up for it.

Mike throwing horseshoes at one of the 6 games we had to play in order to earn tickets to "buy" desserts that everyone had brought to enjoy.

Our neighbours, Tom and Shelley, won best costume as the priest and nun. Shelley had a cabbage patch doll in a backpack on her back and one in the oven. They were very funny together.

Marshall Mike and me as a Rhinestone Cowgirl.
Barry as a biker (not sure he was really in costume or his true self) and Lana as "the old crow" (her words, not mine).
More costumes and a lot of fun.

Barry enjoying a jello shooter. It was a great time and we are definitely thinking we would enjoy staying here for a month .

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  1. Yes, I agree, my first thought was 'Barry isn't in costume' those look like his regular duds....Rose