Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We were greeted by a gal dressed up like Minnie Pearl, complete with price tag on her hat and saying "how-dee" to Mike. It was the 84th anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry and we were lucky to get tickets but they were up high in the balconey. The old Opry building still exists but is very seldom used. They took a circle of the centre floor hardwood that the country stars performed on and have placed it centre stage in this building so that they still perform on the same "stage". We realized that this show is also on radio (it is the oldest show that is still on radio) which made it interesting as there was an announcer and commercials between the performances. There is also a very friendly aura at the Opry, where friends and family of the performers are on the sidelines of the stage.
We were told that you are allowed to come down to the front of the stage to take photos, so Lana and I went when Kathy Mattea performed in the first set and was wonderful. Lana noticed a row of empty seats in the sold out performance and we thought we would sit there until asked to move. Lucky us, whoever was supposed to be there did not show up! (Lana has a knack for this!)
Lorrie Morgan was in the next set and is a great singer as well. How lucky that we were now sitting in the 10th row! Kinda felt bad that Mike and Barry were up in the balconey, but hey you've got to seize the moment.
Joe Diffie did some really upbeat country music, click on button below.
Diamond Rio performed in the 4th set and I captured some on video, just click the button to view.
At the end of the show we sang Happy Birthday to the Grand Ole Opry. What a great night and wonderful entertainment!

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