Thursday, October 22, 2009


From San Antonio, we drove north-west through desert. Mostly catus, scrub bush and yuccas that had huge flower stems, many were 10 ft in height. We passed through an area with many mesas then across a flat desert basin which had extremely strong cross-winds. When I drove for a few hours, I was amazed at the way it could push us around. Soon we saw hundreds of windmills, definitely wind can provide an abundance of energy here. It was interesting to see a truck hauling one of the wings of the windmills - they are 150 ft in length. We wondered why some of the windmills were not working and were told the windmills are all computerized and are only allowed to run for so many hours or they are shut off if the winds get too strong.
We arrived at our campground in Fort Stockton and this pic is right next to the RV park, you can see the Guadalupe Mountains in the background. They had a "Roadrunner Cafe" which offered their specialty of BBQ pork ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits, beverage and dessert for $7.95 - too good a deal to pass up and it was very good. That night we had a crazy wind storm with rain. When we enjoyed their breakfast the next morning, we spoke to a trucker who resided at the park and we commented on the unbelieveable wind storm. He said "that was only a breeze", he has seen semi-trucks turned over on their side from the wind!
Thought this was a cute pic - not sure if the steer died from lack of water or was blown over by the wind.

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