Thursday, October 8, 2009


Mike and I went to visit Amish country while Lana and Barry toured the battlefields. We travelled to Lancaster area about 60 miles away and found tiny town of Bird In Hand then a few miles up the road we visited Intercourse (I found this a strange name for a town in Amish country!). Here an Amish gentleman was catching a few zzz's.
Cute little store decorated for harvest. They had many antiques inside.
This old house was now converted to a Victorian store and it was fun to go from kitchen, dinning, bedrooms and bathroom and see all the beautiful items.
There are many stores and homes with quilts hanging and when I asked if any quilts were machine quilted, I was reproached that "there are only hand quilted quilts in Lancaster County". The quilts are all done by Amish ladies and was told that they would make 2 to 3 dollars per hour for the amount of work they do as fabric is much cheaper here.
One quilt store had a small quilt museum which was currently showing contemporary quilts. This display was of miniature quilts and the attention to details was amazing. I also loved words they posted: "Quilts are our art, the way we express the way we feel about life".
Fun to watch the many horses and buggys trotting along the road right along with the traffic, but you definitely had to watch where you stepped. We drove out a bit past farmlands and an elementary school with the kids playing outside, it felt like we were back in time 80 years. Stopped at an auction where about 150 Amish were bidding on old farm implements and having a get together. We had a great day and wonderful sunny weather.

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