Friday, October 30, 2009


Just a couple of pictures of the Desert Holiday RV Park we are staying at. It is a very friendly place and most of the people are Canadian snowbirds who stay here 6 months. A very friendly couple next to us, Tom and Shelley Brazier from Ontario, were heading to Florida for the winter but decided that they would stay here instead and have even been looking to buy a house. Prices are very low ($120,000 to $150,000).

The first two days we had very high winds which was part of a big storm hitting the central states. We were thankful we did not experience this while driving across the desert as we had seen many wind-warning signs and our vehicles would have been sand-blown down to the metal. We have enjoyed the hot tub at night and have had it all to ourselves. During the day, we can see planes overhead from the Yuma Marine Corps Airforce base. This training facility sends their pilots and aircraft to Iraq and Afghanistan and are continually practising and we saw two planes doing a fuel transfer.
We finally got to see a Roadrunner, they are such cute little birds, although they are flightless and will take a flying leap but mostly just run around. Kind of the size of a skinny chicken.
We have decided to stay here for at least a week and possibly will stay for a month as it is so friendly and has many activities, even a room with several pool tables for Mike.

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