Friday, October 30, 2009


Mike and I went to check out the Mexican border town of Los Algodones. It is only 12 miles from here but we crossed into California and then parked our truck by the border and walked across into Mexico (2 states and 2 countries in 1 day!).

It is a typical mexican border town except that it also has a multitude of optical, dental and pharmacy stores which are in huge demand by the tourists. People come here to get dental work done at a fraction of the cost and the work is excellent. I was skeptical but we have spoken to too many people who are using these services and happy to save substantial amounts.

As you can see from the signs, these services are everywhere. When we walked over the border with another couple who were heading to get glasses, we joined them and Mike got an eye exam and a new pair of glasses with all the bells and whistles for a third of the cost back home, and they were ready for pick up in 3 hours!

While we waited for the glasses (they said it was a slow day for the lab as usually they would be ready in 1-2 hours), we checked out the shops. I got some jewlery at very reasonable prices, then stopped for some delicious shrimp tacos. Mike was skeptical to eat them, but I had spoken to some other tourists who came there often and had never had a problem.

We stopped for coffee at this square and I noticed a beauty/spa salon at the end. A pedicure for $13 was a great treat to sit back and enjoy. I was told by another customer that the place was usually packed once the snowbirds arrive in November and all the services were excellent.

We picked up the glasses and Mike is thrilled with them. We are very impressed and were lucky that we were able to walk right through the customs as sometimes there is a 2 hour wait. It was a perfect day to visit the town as it was a Thursday and a bit cooler today. The weather will warm up to 85F by Hallowe'en.

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