Sunday, October 4, 2009


Left New Hampshire two days ago and drove through Vermont which is very small but pretty and very similar to New Hampshire. We passed through the Green Mountains and continued seeing great foliage, however it rained an unbelieveable amount. We stayed at a KOA in Saugerties, New York, and it had large pools of water and mud. The owner said it had rained most of the summer and he was looking forward to shutting down end of October and heading south. At night the sound of "katydids" were very loud, the insect derives its name from the male’s repetitive call, which has been phoneticized as “katydid, katy-didn’t”, I guess Katy couldn't make up her mind! This morning the sun came out and we enjoyed the rolling hills and pretty valleys cutting through New York State and Pennsylvania. Arriving at Gettysburg, we are very close to the Maryland border and are pleased with the KOA here. The sites are gravelled and set in amongst trees and we even have a double wooden swing at our site to enjoy. There is even an enclosed pet play area for Rudy called "Kamp K-9" complete with doggie playground equipment. Glad to stay here with lots to see in the next few days and weather forecast looks good.

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