Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Mike, Lana and I went back to the Riverwalk in the afternoon while Barry stayed with Rudy. Rudy was having some anxiety attacks and the vet they visited prescribed some meds and he should be fine. Good news, as Rudy is a very sweet dog and is in his senior years.
I was able to get a pic of a grackle and an egert that we have been seeing in these parts.

Mike decided to hang out at a restaurant called "Mad Dog's", a nickname Bob Rivers bestowed upon Mike while he was at the school district. Naturally, Mike bought a tee-shirt since his alias was on it. Lana and I took a "Rio Taxi", a barge going along the San Antonio Riverwalk. It was quite the deal, as you can use the pass for 24 hours as much as you like. We also got the combo ticket to view the new Museum Reach which we planned to do in the evening with the guys.
We passed this sitting area for a theatre on the opposite side of the river. The benches are grass - must be comfy and cool to sit on.
Loved the original part of this building they kept.
Many unique hotels and restaurants on the river - this is the Aztec.
Returning with the boys at dusk, our barge entered the Museum Reach by going through this lock that lifted us 9 feet to the new section that has many art features to enjoy.
The bridge above us had fish hanging from it that were lit up. Thousands of bats also nest under this bridge and start to fly around at dusk. Since they eat their weight in bugs, there are no moquitoes around the riverwalk.
Glass hanging from this bridge shimmered its reflection on the water. Another bridge had the sounds of the river amplified as art.
This is called "The Grotto" and the barge captain stopped so we could walk around the cavern.
The pictures at night do not do it justice. The whole area sparkles with lights. Starting Thanksgiving weekend they have Christmas lights added to the trees along the river and it must be beautiful. As today was Mike and my 36th wedding anniversary, it could not have been more perfect cruising the San Antonio Riverwalk for the evening.

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