Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Left Nashville with a short drive to Huntsville but got delayed when we stopped for gas and someone accidentally locked both sets of keys in the truck. I won't say who did it, but it could happen to anyone, right?????? After a nice guy from "Pop A Lock" opened the door and got a big hug from me, we soon arrived in Huntsville, the northern part of Alabama, and stayed at RV site on the grounds of the US Space & Rocket Centre. The site was more of a mud pit. In Alabama the red mud is clay that sticks to your shoes and accumulates. It will dye anything it touches.
Barry's Aunt Ettie, cousin Kerri and husband Tom live in Huntsville. Kerri is a real doer and Tom has a job where he goes to work when he feels like it and shoots pool with co-workers until it is time to go home. If Mike knew there were jobs like this, he would still be working!

They drove us through a heritage home neighbourhood then up to a lookout in Monte Sano State Park. The city does not have much of centre and is very spread out. We notice large storm drains, as they get a lot of rain and can get as much as 10 inches in a couple of hours.
We went to Applebee's for dinner (always a favorite) then back to Kerri and Tom's for a visit. Mike and Tom played pool and Mike taught him a few shots to take to work. We had a great time, such nice people!

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