Thursday, October 1, 2009


We arrived yesterday at the KOA in Twin Falls which is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is much colder but we were pleased to see the colours.
These photos are trees in the campground we are staying at. The trees change colour as the chorophyll they produce breaks down and the green colour disappears allowing the yellow and orange (previously masked by the green) to appear. The reds are leaves of the Red Maples and Sugar Maples.
The morning was rainy with low cloud but we set out anyway. The hills were multicoloured and we saw a snowline on the top of some of the hills which makes us a bit nervous!

Silver Cascades in Crawford Notch (interesting that passes seem to be called notch's here). Many photo opportunities along the roads and we laughed to see so many husbands waiting by their vehicles, oblivious to the scenery, while their wives were taking pictures. Mike and Barry decided part way through our tour to exclaim with delight at the beauty of each stop - they were good sports though and stopped everytime we saw something that was "photo worthy".
Stopped at North Conway, a charming little town that is popular with tourists. Loved this house that is a private residence on the main street.

This is the world's biggest puzzle that the proprieter of a hobby shop was working on. This is only one half of the 24,000 piece puzzle. He said the puzzle even has it's own website. I know Yves Gendron would appreciate this.
There are many covered bridges in the New England states and they have been referred to as "kissing bridges" as couples could take the opportunity to smooch unseen while crossing. This is the Saco River bridge at Conway, a 2-span paddleford truss bridge built in 1890.

This Albany covered bridge was rebuilt in 1858 after the original span blew down the year before. It is a long truss bridge with added arch and is 120 ft long. It is just 6 miles west of Conway, just off the Kancamagus Highway.
The inside of the bridge show the arch beams.
The Kancamagus Highway is one of the most scenic roads in New Hampshire. We appreciated that it was newly paved but once the snow hits, this road is gated at both ends as it is not plowed. We were happy the weather improved through the day but are hoping for sun tomorrow as we will do another loop through the White Mountains.

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