Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We were hit with torrential rain when we left Moncton and headed towards Maine. At times we could not see the Bennett's trailer that was only 200 feet ahead of us! Although we were going to stay one more day in New Brunswick as Lana still had pork chops and we understood that all meat, fruit and vegetables had to be thrown out at the border, we decided to risk it and cross into the US. The customs officer was very pleasant and when we declared everything we had (even Lana's pork chops!), he welcomed us into the US. We were fortunate to drive into sunny weather. The gas is cheaper ($2.55 a gallon) but the KOA was $42 US which we thought was a bit high however we did get cable access and were happy to watch Dancing with the Stars after a delicious pork chop dinner at the Bennett's. The only one disappointed was Rudy as Barry had promised him the pork chops if they had to to be thrown out at the border.

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