Saturday, September 12, 2009


Visited Ile d'Orleans, an island in the St. Lawrence River approx 25 km from Quebec City. We crossed a very high and long bridge from the north shore and while crossing got an amazing view of Quebec City itself sitting high on the banks of the St. Lawrence. The island is referred to as a "mythical jewel" and it treasures and conserves its french heritage. Very charming heritage homes and farms.

Many artists and craftsmen on the island and we stopped at La Forge a Pique Assaut where Guy Bel creates in wrough iron and blacksmithing. I got a beautiful candle holder and have also taken this photo of a gate similar to one he did for Celine Dion's Montreal home.

Stopped at a cute cafe on our tour around the island.

Stopped at this old church (1679) and graveyard by the coast and was interested in the shoreline where you can see the rock strata layers.
Across from the church was the presbytery built in 1880 where parish priests lived. This old building with its tin roof has been converted to a restaurant and bakery where we bought cinnamon buns.
This photo taken on the island shows the farms across the St. Lawrence on the north shore of Quebec. The farms are long and narrow, similar to Europe.

Great view of the Montemorency Falls when we returned from the island. These falls are 1 1/2 times the hight of Niagra Falls.

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