Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Mike, Maureen, Leonnette and Marcel at top of the lookout over Val'Dor. The area has really grown.
The government donated this T-33 for display when the Air Force closed in 1975 - Barry should recognize this from his time here. Val D'Or Airport also has distinction that the Concord landed here one time as they have a long enough runway to accommodate it which was shared with the Air Force.
Visited "Source Gabriel", a natural spring which, only a 100 metres away, becomes a running river. People come here on Easter morning, before sunrise, to collect water from the spring and have it blessed by the priest and then use it for medicinal purposes.
Rachelle (Mike's niece), Maxime (her son), Estelle (Mike's sister) and Mike at dinner where his sister made his favorite "Pate au Chinouis", ie Sheperd's Pie.
We visited sons of Mike's sister, Valeda, who passed away 3 years ago - Ghislain and wife, Normand (Valeda's ex), Denis and Mike.
Had a great visit with everyone and were spoiled by Leonnette and Marcel. Leonnette has always spoiled Mikey as he was the baby of the family by eight years. September 1st is here and time to go to Ottawa and see what the Bennetts have been up to.

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