Thursday, September 3, 2009


Visited Upper Canada Village, a 60 acre site along the banks of the St. Lawrence River with over 40 heritage buildings that recreate life in the mid 1800's. All the costumed interpreters relate their lives and work in period. This is the woolen mill which was powered by water using wooden wheels and leather pulleys.
They had functional equipment for each stage of transforming the wool into yarn and then create cloth on the loom.
Lana and I doing some manual labour outside the sawmill.
We were very impressed with the cobbler's work house where he made these shoes from steer hide and used wooden pegs in the soles.
I am helping the tinsmith, tin was shipped in from England and was made into candle holders, kitchen items, tools, etc.
Mike and I standing by the St. Lawrence River.
Mike and the farmer discussed this piece of equipment that Mike used when he was a child on his father's farm. We had a great day and were amazed at the authentic details of living and working in the 1800's. The people here were British Loyalists who settled here and were given land by the Government. They had to make everything themselves and little went to waste. I sure admire the settlers of Canada.

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