Monday, September 7, 2009


Today we visited Old Montreal and were surrounded by 350 years of history. This is Rue Sainte-Paul, one of the oldest streets in Montreal and still has cobblestone. The dome building is Bonsecours Market which opened in 1847 and served as the City Hall until 1878. It has been restored and we visited the art and designer boutiques that are now there.
The inside of Notre Dame Basilica features painted, gilded and carved wooden decorations, painting, sculpture and stained glass.
This is a breath-taking church and was also where Celine Dion was married.
We stopped at a cute bistro and had a Montreal smoked meat sandwich and it was delicious. Dessert for Lana and myself was a yummy bread pudding with chocolate and maple syrup - don't want to know how many calories were involved!
This is Montreal City Hall which is being worked on and while doing so they have put up huge dropcloths which have a mural of the building on it so that viewers still get the effect. The balcony on the front is where French President General de Gaulle uttered his famous "Vive le Quebec libre" in 1967.
I am dipping my toes into the fountain in Place Vauquelin, across the street from Place Jaques Cartier. 17 years ago, Kathleen, Steve and Sasha were removed by a security guard when doing the same, but I did not see him today.
A small street off of Place Jacques-Cartier where artists painted and displayed their art to sell.
Place Jacques-Cartier, created as a marketplace in early 19th century and has a statue of Admiral Nelson at one end. As the day progressed it got very busy with buskers, artists, restaurants and many people.
We were invited back to Raymond's home for another delicious dinner and Raymond's son Hughes and his wife, Caroline and 3 sons were also there. We had a great time visiting.


  1. Hi Maureen: Glad you are posting since my sister is too busy obviously. If you notice that your pictures get further apart the more you post just put your cursor inbetween and backspace and it will close up the gaps. Looks like you are having a good time. Lots of friends and family. Safe travels....Rose

  2. Thanks Rose, I actually was working on it when you posted comment. Thanks for all your help with getting it going, I am really enjoying having a journal of our trip. I'm sure you will see something from Lana soon. Cheers!

  3. Looking good. Yes I skyped Lana and she was slow because she was not feeling well because she had been visiting and the smoke had made her sick. You were probably with her but it was too much for her. Anyhow hopefully she will be better tomorrow...Rose