Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We took a ferry across the St. Lawrence River to arrive at Quebec City, you can see the pier and buildings of the charming lower part of old Quebec to the right. You can make out the funiculaire that takes you up to the upper city and Chateau Frontenac dominates the landscape on the top. Quebec was the 1st french settlement in North America and is 400 years old.
We loved strolling through the lower city; Rue du Petit-Champlain is full of European charm with amazing boutiques of handmade jewellery and designer clothing. Felt like we might have been in France.

The Funiculaire carries people to the upper city and was originally built out of wood in 1879 and powered by steam. It was converted to electricity and is a great way to ascend to Upper Old Quebec.
Stopped in this picturesque doorway for a photo. By the way, yes Kathleen, that is a gnome peeking behind dad's shoulder.
We enjoyed this busker who played and tapped out a jig on wood at the same time - very French-Canadian.
We caught the Funiculaire down when we returned to the ferry, here is a view while we were inside and about to descend.
Many artists selling their work on this walkway between two buildings. After grabbing a bite to eat while we sat in a park, we went through the Chateau Frontenac - beautiful building. We headed back to the ferry and then to the campsite, where we enjoyed a lovely fire - the nights are getting very cold, which is good as we want the leaves to change colour soon. What a great day, I think Quebec is my favorite city in Canada - can't wait to go back in tomorrow.

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