Wednesday, September 2, 2009


After arriving in Ottawa and meeting up with Lana and Barry again, we went in to see Parliament Hill as the sun was setting.
Confederation Square's war memorial and tomb of the unknown soldier from World War I is where a weath is laid each November
11th. We saw an amazing light show that used the Parliament Buildings as a screen; the commentary and musical tribute showed the history and diversity of our country and ended with our National Anthem. We were very proud to be Canadian.September 2nd - Mike making friends with RCMP horse in front of the Parliament Buildings. Here is photo of Parliament Buildings in daylight, centred by the Peace Tower which holds the clock and the carrillion bells. We were able to go up it and were on the observation deck right below the clock.
This is the Legislative Library, located at the back of the Parliament Buildings. We were not allowed to take photos inside the library, but it was a beautiful wood carved room with many levels of books on the outside circular walls.
This is the Prime Minister's staircase, where Pierre Elliot Trudeau famously slid down the bannister.
Here is the house of Commons, the goverment in power sits on the left side.
Rotunda where royalty and heads of states enter, as Barrack O'Bama did recently when he visited Canada.
Here is the Senate and the left chair is where the Queen or her representative, the Governor of Canada, sites. This room has red carpet due to the royal connection.
We went up the Peace Tower and had amazing views of Ottawa, this shows the roof of the Parliamentary Library and the Ottawa River. Across the river is Gatineau, Quebec.
This is the Memorial Chamber where every Canadian who died in military service is listed in books of rememberance.
After the impressive Parliament tour, we visited By Ward Market and Mike had a "Beaver Tail", something he has not had for 40 years. It was a great day and really made us feel Canadian, eh.
Lana and resting inside the Chateau Laurier.


  1. Maureen you look likes a prime minister

  2. You two look like the boobsie twins sitting on that chair....Rose