Sunday, August 30, 2009


Went to Malartic to visit Mike's sister-in-law Raymonde, newphew Steve and his wife Melanie. Mike's brother Roger passed away last January. Met Mike's childhood friend, Herve Denis, at Tim Horton's (of course!) and they reconnected.
Photo showing main street in Val D'Or looking towards Catholic Church. They still have angle parking on main street.
This is facing opposite direction and you can see the Chateux Louis, a favorite bar/hangout in Mike's youth. Even Barry remembers this landmark and frequented it while stationed in the Air Force during the sixties.
Drove to Vassan, a small rural farming community, and saw this church made from river rock. The church is always predominant in every town in Quebec.
Visited this picturesque wooden bridge in Vassan, built in 1941. Very charming...

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  1. Mike,Maureen have a good trip.See you later