Thursday, August 27, 2009


Visited Kakabeka Falls and imagined the French Canadian Voyageurs who travelled by canoe up the river and then had to pack everything on back around the falls. Their canoes could hold up to 4 tons and there were only 12 in the canoe - backbreaking!
Mike's french lumberjack heritage was helpful throwing axe at Fort William. The Fort was built to scale to recreate the North West Company's headquarters and was the hub of the fur trade where they were traded for goods. We met Scottish fur traders, French voyageurs, farmers and aboriginals and ate Scottish cakes grilled on the kitchen's open fire, they were all in costume and character when they spoke to you. We were very impressed with how authentic it was.
They traded for valuable fur pelts which were weighed and pressed into bundles to be shipped to Montreal.
Mike enjoyed the woodworking shop where canoes are made - he felt right at home. Our time ended when we went down to the river for a farewell to the Voyagers who left in their canoe to go trade for more furs. North West was the rival of Hudson's Bay Co. and was eventually taken over by them.

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