Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We past many lakes and forests of pines and birch. Marshy areas along the road had quite a bit of water in them as they have had a very wet summer. Enjoyed seeing huge fields of sunflowers. Arrived in Thunder Bay ("T-Bay") and saw the monument to Terry Fox who had to stop his cross country Marathon of Hope as the cancer that took his leg returned. Mike had stopped and talked to him near Moncton, NB, when Mike was in the Navy on a recruiting trip. So tragic that he died at only 23 but he has left a legacy of courage and inspiration we Canadians are very proud.
We saw the "Sleeping Giant" in Lake Superior which is the biggest of the great lakes. Legend is the Indian was turned into stone after telling where the silver mines could be found.
We stopped at "Bennett's Bakery" which was originally owned by Barry's Uncle Art and had a "Persian" which is a cinnamon fritter covered with raspberry icing. Delicious and world famous as everyone in the area will attest to.
T-Bay is the largest grain-handling port in the world and we were stopped by a security guard and told we could not leave the road due to security implemented after 9/11. Here all the trains bring their grain for shipment all over the world.
That evening we had a thunder and lightening storm - we loved it and we understand why this is called Thunder Bay as it echoes over Lake Superior.

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