Monday, August 17, 2009


Left home on August 13th and caught the Celebration Ferry - very large and fancy. Rainy weather going through to Hope (isn't it always). Felt sorry for Ian Malcolm who we met on the ferry as he and a buddy were on motorcycles heading to Penticton. Saw a very large black bear walking in the river beside the highway and a small herd of mountain sheep.

First night stayed in Sicamoose at KOA and it was very cold and rained most the night. Arrived at Rose and Butch's place (Lana's sister) and was greeted with a wonderful chicken dinner. They have an amazing 10 acre property and their home is filled with beautiful antiques and collectibles. They have many restored antique cars that fill up their garages and trailers. They also have vintage clothing they wear when driving the vehicles. Rose is restoring an original beaded flapper dress which will take hundreds of hours. Great time but it is ccccccold.

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