Sunday, August 23, 2009


August 19th - said goodbye to Rose and Butch and thanked them for the gift of honey from hives on their property, they are great people and were very understanding when Mike accidentally set off their home alarm when he went to pet the cat. Drove past flat landscape dotted with small oil wells, starting seeing rolling hills around Medicine Hat where we stopped for a tailgate lunch. There were huge culumus clouds and we saw a herd of bison and also 3 cowboys on horses herding cattle. Love the wide open landscape ("you can see your dog running away from home for 3 days") and fields of golden wheat which resembled ocean waves as they were being blown by wind.
We were greeted by "Mac" the moose as we arrived in Moose Jaw (Cree word for "gentle breezes").August 20th - Took "Tunnel of Moose Jaw" tours: "Passage to Fortune" showed the hardships and of Chinese immigrants living underground in the tunnels in the early 1900's working as laborers doing laundry, sewing burlap sacks, kitchen work. They were horribly mistreated and had to work many years just to pay back a head tax to the Canadian government and broker's fees. The "Chicago Connection" relived Al Capone's secret bootlegging operation in Moose Jaw (which was referred to as "Little Chicago"). Big Al came up here when things got too hot in Chicago. Our guides "Fanny" the flapper and "Gus" the bootlegger made it a lot of fun. Mike somehow got called "Mr. Touchy" by Fanny.
Relaxed in the "Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort" which has a rooftop geothermal pool. These mineral waters are 42 degrees C and you could be inside or swim to the outside section which was even warmer - what a great afternoon!

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