Monday, August 17, 2009


August 16th - Mike and I left Lana and Barry to visit their family in Calgary and went to Edmonton to visit my niece Tanya and her family. Stopped in Drumheller and went to the Royal Tyrell Museum of palentology which has amazing displays over over 40 dinosaur skeletons and thousands of fossil specimens.Especially liked the fish tanks that had living specimens of fish that were around in prehistoric times. We then drove part of the Hoodoo Trail and saw the eerie landscape of the Alberta badlands These large strange sandstone formations are called hoodoos and look mushroom-like.

Since it had rained the day before the mud was very slippery as the mud is almost silky. But it was worth walking up the trails to get photos of these amazing rock formations.
Very pretty drive up to Edmonton and passed huge canolla fields of bright yellow. We arrived at Tanya's and Mike's at 6 p.m. and all the family was there as Jan and Gary, Robin, Gary, Brandon and Jacob were also visiting from Victoria.
Their new home is fabulous and has been transformed into the "Hotel Sim" for the next few weeks. Had a wonderful BBQ and sat around late laughing at stories (Tanya's floods, Robin's lack of pets and of course the kids making fun of us old folks).
August 17th - up early and us gals hit the discount stores. "White Lightening" almost needed an extra trunk for her purchases but we told her husband that some of the purchases were ours. Next stop was West Edmonton Mall and we met up with the guys. They got to pick where we had lunch and, surprise, we ended up at Hooters. 15 year old Brandon was in Hooters Heaven especially when he got to have his pic with our waitress who was very nice. Even the 7 year old boys were happy and their eyes where as big a saucers at all the pretty waitresses.
We enjoyed watching the water and amusement parks and the fire-breathing dragon at the Scotia Bank theatre. Tired of shopping and glad to be back at Tanya's for another great dinner and evening. Tomorrow we head back to Calgary to met up with Lana and Barry and continue on our travels.

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