Saturday, November 7, 2009


I think we have learned to relax and take it easy here. Sun rises around 7 am and we love to enjoy coffee outside for a couple of hours, often with Lana and Barry. We are quite happy to read or enjoy the pool or sometimes a hot tub at night. We can take a short walk to the shopping centre or Lana and I enjoy riding our bicycles around the different RV complexes next to ours. There are many different set ups and choices for snowbirds who want to come here. Lana and I played crib on Tuesday night with a group and Mike has given us some pointers. It must have helped, as I won first place last night at the tournament.

Although this is a poor photo, we get to enjoy watching all the different military aircraft flying in and out of the US Marine base.

We played 9 holes of golf on Wednesday and saw another Roadrunner. We walked it and it was very pleasant early in the morning so we will be booking some more tee times.
Mike and I went to the Yuma Palms Shopping Plaza which is only a 10 minute drive (everything is so close here). This is one of the main squares and has water features and outside music speakers - very pleasant to shop here.
The centre is a massive village of shops and you walk outside between each store. Some great shopping here and it is not very busy yet. Once the snowbirds arrive, the size of Yuma almost doubles from 125,000 but the economy of the US is definitely depressed.
There are many grapefruit trees at the RV Resort. One resident has told us to help ourselves as he is not fond of them so we are waiting for them to ripen.
Another gorgeous sunset.

Today (Nov 7) we all went to "Yuma's biggest flea market". It was certainly large and 90% of the items were new. I managed to find a few Christmas stocking stuffers but I thought this was a cute photo of jeans for sale. The mannequins definitely showcase the Latino assets and we enjoyed the Mexican-style flea market.
Back to the RV Park for afternoon siesta.

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